Turn Your Home Into a Halloween House of Horrors

October 3rd, 2016 by admin

This Halloween night have you thought to treat your house to a horrific ‘make-over’ by decorating it in a spooky and creepy way? Listed below are 10 different ways to make your home ultra spooky:: 1. In order to make a moody and ‘dark’ environment in your home you have to first turn your attention to your lighting. Keep your light levels very low and replace your normal light bulbs with red or any other dark colored bulbs. An alternative solution is to only use candle-light. The most atmospheric solution is to make use of these candles in jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins. If you do go down this course please make sure that you handle the candles with a great deal of care and attention, and be sure that they are away from children. 2. Place cobwebs in the corners of your room and hang some scary black spiders from the middle of the cobwebs. These accessories are available for a very reasonable price from either your local costume store or online retailers. 3. If you are of a creative mindset, why not design and then cut out some creepy cats, witch and bat ‘silhouettes’ using cardboard? Why not attach these spooky critters to your doors or even windows to create a truly frightening effect? For a really cool Halloween effect, attach the bats to the trees or doorways, and if a breeze picks up you will see them flutter away spookily into the dark night! 4. Create the feel of a deserted home (and who wouldn’t want to live in a haunted house?) by covering your home furniture with old white sheets. You could make use of some talcum powder on the sheets to ensure that whenever your friends sit down they create a cloud of dust. 5. Why not try making your own glow in the dark ghost by using glow sticks inside a ghostly mask or balloon and use a whitened sheet to cover the balloon or halloween mask – then simply tie it to a tree or door so that your glowing ghost will blow spookily in the wind. 6. When it comes to Halloween no house is really complete without the customary witches cauldron. You can make your very own smoking cauldron by putting some dry ice in a container (make sure it has a fully secure tight lid on the top though!) Place the container in some warm or colder water (warm water will produce more smoke but it will evaporate quickly while colder water will generate less. Please be careful when handling dry ice – make sure you use either tongs or thick gloves and never allow kids to play with it. 7. To get an even spookier effect for your guests when they arrive at your house create a ‘scary walkway of doom’ by placing mini carved pumpkins on both sides of your pathway- don’t forget to put candles inside them of course! 8. This is a great tip, and will cost you hardly anything at all. Mark out the shape of a ‘body’ on your driveway by using some chalk. You will need to get someone to lie down on the driveway, and then simply draw around their outline! 9. To get that ‘decapitated head’ look stuff some halloween masks with papers and then suspend these ‘heads’ from the ceiling- It’s going to seem like a gruesome trophy room!) 10. The final ‘icing on the cake’ is to make sure that you provide your invited guests with an atmospheric ‘spooky’ soundtrack. You will find these either in-store or by downloading them on-line. I do hope that you have liked this post and that it’s given you some ideas for how to make your house really really spooky this Halloween. After all, why invest all that attention and time on your costume only for your house to look bare and unloved? I do hope you have a really enjoyable Halloween this year. Remember to be careful and safe though! Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1110411&ca=Business


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